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Terracotta Textured Wall Art Terracotta Abstract Art 3D Texture Art Heavy Textured Wall Art Minimalist Wall Art Large Canvas Art Wall Art 100% hand-painted,It was painted in acrylic on canvas. I’m not sure the original painting hasn’t been sold yet. Please contact me for advice. If the original painting is still there, we will soon arrange for FedEx and other express companies to deliver the goods to you. If the original painting has been sold, we will let the painter create again! ▷Personalization You will be able to express all your wishes, such as about colors and tones. We will make all necessary changes. Only when you are fully satisfied with your photo will we send it to you! It will be completed within 7 days after receipt of your payment, and the drying time of the oil can vary between 7 and 14 days. ▷About repainting. I will not simply copy every stroke, your painting will be created spontaneously, fresh and full of vitality. Your painting will have its own unique strokes that cannot be repeated, just like fingerprints that will never be repeated. Your work will be unique. The color of the artwork may be slightly different from the color on the actual project, depending on your screen resolution and calibration. Please keep this in mind before you buy. Please visit my store on Etsy to buy my other paintings and come back often, because I have new paintings coming out every week. Http://www.etsy.com/shop/meishengart . ©MEISSHNGART and Jason. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist. Illustrations shall not be reproduced by any process.

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