Black And White Painting Texture Painting Abstract Wall Art White Abstract Painting Textured Wall Art Modern Canvas Art Office Wall Painting

Large Black Wall Painting Abstract Wall Art White Abstract Painting Black And White Painting Abstract Modern Canvas Art Office Wall Painting It can be customized and modified according to your needs. Also accept customized pictures (please leave me a message). *100% hand drawn, it is painted with acrylic on the canvas. ▶ Frames and extrusions. You can choose the frame stretching service. The oil painting will be installed on the frame you purchased, completed, and packed in a wooden box. You can easily take it out to decorate your room. You can also choose Unstrenched service, and oil paintings are packaged in paper tubes. (It need to be handed over to the frame shop for processing.). Differences between the two services: The frame stretching service makes it easier for you to get this artwork. Unstrenched service, you can save money. ▶ Our works are all original works of artists. The size of the original works is 40 * 30 inches (102 * 76 cm), and the original works can be shipped quickly. ▶ If this original painting has been sold, your painting will be very similar in style and color, and you will get the same quality and beauty as the painting you see from the picture. ▶ Because all our paintings are handmade and often customized, your paintings may change slightly. Your picture may not be exactly the same as the picture you ordered. It will be almost the same, but not exactly the same. What I can guarantee is the quality of the work we deliver, which will be the beautiful painting you expect. ▶ In the process of creating pictures, we will show you photos and videos of your paintings. You will be able to express all your wishes, such as about colors and shadows. We will make all necessary changes. Only when you are completely satisfied with your picture will we send it to you! ▶ About this picture. ✔ Handmade acrylic / Canvas oil painting ✔ Packaging: rolling and transportation in paper tubes. ✔ Style: abstract painting. ✔ The oil painting is not signed by default. ✔ Material: professional acrylic / oil paint, canvas, hand-painted. ✔ This painting has an additional 2-3 inch white border for stretching or framing. ✔ Delivery time: you will receive the painting in about 7-15 days (I will send the picture to you for confirmation before delivery. After you confirm that there is no problem, we will transport it as soon as possible and arrive at your address soon. Finish the painting in 3-7 days and arrive at your home in 5-10 days. Express delivery) ✔ Be sure to leave the recipient’s telephone number, because the express company requires the recipient’s telephone number to be filled in for delivery. ✔ The buyer is responsible for any customs duties and import duties that may apply. I am not responsible for the delay caused by the customs. ▶ Customization is acceptable, with 10 sizes for each shape. If you still can’t find the perfect size in the list, please send me information about your custom size. ▶ Transportation and postage. All paintings sent by mail have been insured, so any damage to the paintings during transportation will be compensated by the transportation company. All you have to do is contact us, take damaged photos and send them to me by email, and I’ll deal with the rest. Global delivery without any postage. For the same order, purchase 2 or more pieces without any freight. ============================================== ▶ Return policy. I’d be happy to accept returns and exchanges Contact me within 14 days after delivery Return items within 30 days If you encounter any problems during delivery, have any questions about your paintings or you are not satisfied with the order for any other reason – just contact us and we will solve any problems! ============================================== ▶ For other questions, please consult me or email me, and I will reply to you within 12 hours. ▶ I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.

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