Sculptures – “She’s in love but she doesn’t know it yet” (Giraffe with Ch

“She’s in love but she doesn’t know it yet” Giraffe lamp, by Marcantonio. White painted fiberglass resin. Maria Teresa style chandelier, 12 bulbs with colored ones. I imagined a dreamlike scene, a dreamy giraffe that goes for a walk with a chandelier in its mouth, as enchanted she illuminates the road that runs, she has head in the clouds because she’s in love. “ She’s in Love but She doesn’t know it yet” because the giraffe has the heart far away from its head! I wanted to add to my sculptures these antique chandeliers to make them more exclusive and special, both for the brass components value and for the difficulty of the sculpture process that must be entirely done by hand around the piece of the chandelier. To make the composition even more magical I left the electric cable as if it were torn, as if the animal had broken the piece recently, but the light is still on. The sculptures were made with my hands with the techniques of classical sculpture, first in clay then molded and finally reproduced and retouched. This Limited Edition comes to you with an Authenticity Certificate, signed by Marcantonio. Dimensions L x W x H: 74 x 155 x 235 cm.

Source by ivanchassy

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