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Add a chic and flowery touch to your interior decoration. Modern in style, this matte black flower bouquet brings a chic and deeply refined touch to your interior. Give pride of place to this bouquet of metal flowers by placing it prominently in your entrance hall, for example. Its black color will bring a precious and very trendy touch to your interior. Chic and vintage effect guaranteed. Have you been invited to a friend’s house for dinner? And if you replace the classic bouquet with a limited lifespan with this very original contemporary bouquet. Effect of surprise and guaranteed pleasure! Available on order. DESCRIPTION : – Peony, Tulip, Daisy, Poppy, Lily, Wildflowers, Rose, 3 Thistles, 5 Twigs and grass seeds…. – Set of 15 flowers and twigs – The size is about 50cm high. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MATERIAL USED: Please note that all my creations are made of real French annealed iron wire which I treat naturally to prevent rust with my little secret recipe so that it goes through time without changing and without rusting. With this type of yarn you will have a creation with a very interesting finish, a very trendy and very solid matte finish. You can handle it with no problem. Raw iron wire is a much more noble material and much more complicated to work with than an aluminum wire creation, which remains very malleable and fragile and looks too shiny. I do not use any template to make my creations. Everything is handmade. I mainly use 1.6 mm annealed wire but also thicker wire. There may be a variation in the shapes but it remains minimal. Remember that this is a handcrafted production and therefore each piece is unique. Annealed iron wire is a wire without treatment. He is dull. It tends to patina over time. Annealed iron wire is the most beautiful for making creations and making them poetic. If you like vintage, aged or weathered objects, this type of object is for you. Many other items in my shop SOCIAL NETWORKS: Find me also on: – Instagram: – Facebook: – Pinterest: If you have any special requests, contact me and I’ll see if it’s possible or not. Model created and registered by La Vie Est Chouette © Any reproduction prohibited without the authorization of the author, my creations are protected by law L111-1 of the code of intellectual and artistic property.

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