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Were you looking to decorate your house with a larger decoration than normal? We propose this wood decoration mural made up of five rustic hexagons for your walls, with which to provide a mid-century style. Rustic Wood, aged and manually stained, is natural pine wood. A mural for your home with which to combine plants adding decoration possibilities… You can place your green plants, cuttings, the ones we propose in the photograph, you can add dried plants, dried flowers… And play with all this and the placement of the hexagons… You can create your own composition… In the photograph We offer you a placement option that seems harmonic and balanced to us… We also really like how the aged wood looks with a green plant… Rustic pine wood painted with water stain … Aged wood to decorate spaces with an old and rustic look … If you want this set in black, you can get it from the link below … The measurements of the biggest hexagon are 33 x 28.5 cm. The measurements of the smaller hexagons are 26.5 x 23.5 cm. There are 1 big hexagon and 4 small hexagons… The vase for the plants is a glass test tube. It has a magnet system, so you can remove it, change the plants and join the pieces together effortlessly. The set NO INCLUDE the plants but you can buy it in options…. Even if you choose the option WITHOUT PLANTS, the set also includes the 3 wooden supports with magnets for the plants… So you can place your own plants and even fill them with water and place fresh plants… The set has a support to hang it readily in the wall. Decorate your indoors spaces with these harmonious pieces. You can ask for other colours or combinations. It can be only one piece or several, as you wish. I hope you like it. I made it with all my love, enjoying every moment and been respectful with the nature. Follow me on Instagram: @woodahome

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