DIY Bohemian Magical Forest Decor Accent – Rustic Pampas Grass Wall Decor for Farmhouse, Fireplace, Above the couch, Headboard Jungle Decor

High-quality dried and preserved flowers are selected for you, simple and easy to operate, you can arrange the flowers and leaves the way you like. Countless possibilities are waiting for you, just using your imagination, and make it your own “magic forest”. Our dry pampas grass and flower is easy to plume. Once it’s in the shape that you desire, you can place iton your fireplace or entryway counter or mount it to your wall space and enjoy the decorative ambiance it provides for your home or office. There’s no watering or fertilizing needed Decorate your home with this creative wall decor set for a unique rustic farmhouse chic look. Lovely rustic details with organic dried grass add to its laid-back charm. This DIY rustic accent could be used as a wall pediment above the couch or a decorative piece above the fireplace or a replacement for traditional headboard. It adds depth and lovely boho touch to wherever it hangs. —————————————- Materials: wood, pampas grass Design: – Magical Forest – Autumn Forest – Golden Fairytale – Rainbow Forest Please allow slight difference in the actual size and color of the product- due to its handcrafted nature —————————————- Add it to cart now!

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