Desert Mountain Circle Wooden Wall Hanging Desert Mountain – Etsy

Bringing a little bit of the desert inside with this desert mountain circle wooden wall hanging! These are handmade, not mass produced, I make the wood circles and art so the shipping times reflect that! Please be patient with me! Again please message me with any questions about specific time frames or any other special requests! I’ll try my hardest to make what ever is needed happen! Please note: wood graining varies from piece to piece. Each piece will have its own quirks and personality and no two will be alike. Please also remember I use actual wood so it won’t be like the fake veneer wood that is flawless! Feel free to reach out and I can work with you on specific gaining options! This piece has a wax twine hanger and is made with Baltic birch. Customize! I love adding a personal touch! Names, phrases are free but please note that shipping time may be adjusted slightly. I can give you an option of fonts to find the perfect one! Or you can let me know a specific font you had in mind! I can also customize pain color on the painted option! Sizes to choose from 8” 9.5” 11.75

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