Preserve & Frame Your Wedding Bouquet

OPEN through 2023 Instagram – flowerlypressed & flowerlymade This listing is for fresh bouquets reservations. $100 deposit toward order. Remainder emailed after – due week of wedding. By sending me your bouquet you give me full artistic freedom to arrange/design your bouquet. The Process Send Your Bouquet – o Shipping box and materials provided for bouquets reserved at least 1 week in advance. o Bouquet shipments must be made the next business day after the wedding. (Prepaid postage given) o Purchase includes the preservation of 1 bouquet & one boutonnière. Each additional bouquet sent will be charged $50. o Please follow the link at the bottom of this description, print, sign, and include agreement in the box with your bouquet. Your Bouquet Is Preserved – o Each flower is separately pressed, keeping their thick appearance. During this process the moister is taken out of the flowers. o Your flowers will change color and may brown. However, they still will be recognizable. o Some flowers may not be able to be flattened due to thickness or delicacy. o I cannot preserve succulents. The thickness and amount of water they hold prevents them from being pressed properly. – Reds turn a dark color – Whites turn a beige, brown or yellow – Blues darken, but hold color well – Pinks lighten and may turn slightly yellow – Yellows slightly change, but keep their color well – Greens darken, but keep their color well Artwork Designed – o The preservation process may take up to six to eight weeks. o After all of the flowers are properly dried I will start to design your custom artwork piece with your beautiful bouquet. o The amount of flowers used depends on the size you choose. Flower arrangements may vary depending of the esthetic of the flowers. – Frames may not always be completely filled o Our frames are made of real wood. o The flowers are placed between a panel of glass and a back piece of plexiglass. Why plexiglass rather than glass? Plexiglass is durable and has the ability to be more playable than glass, which is needed with the different thicknesses of the flowers. Backing may bulge due to flower thickness. Sizes – Petite 9” x 12” Inspiration made by your design. The petite size is the perfect solution for beautiful design while staying cost effective. $350 Medium 12″ x 18″ The medium size is the perfect marriage between price and value. $450 Shipping – o Free shipping anywhere in the US. I use USPS ground shipping. o A tracking number is provided when shipped. o If a package arrives damaged a claim is made with USPS. o The purchaser pays for shipment to me and is 100% nonrefundable. o Return ship time 10 weeks Purchase Agreement Link – ** After Care ** • Keep out of direct sunlight • Keep out of high moisture areas • Due to this being a perishable natural item, I cannot guarantee the timeframe in which the flowers keep their color. • Push up black tabs • Remove plexiglass film

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