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✨ Embrace Love and Inspiration: “You Are My Dream” Metal Wall Decor ✨ Turn your space into a haven of love and dreams with the enchanting “You Are My Dream” metal wall decor. This exquisite piece serves as a constant reminder of the special connection you share. Let it infuse your home with romance and motivation, creating an atmosphere of pure warmth. 💖 A Symbol of Affection: Express your feelings with elegance through this beautifully crafted metal wall art. “You Are My Dream” captures the essence of your emotions and turns them into a timeless piece of visual art. 🌟 Standout Features: Premium Craftsmanship: Expertly crafted from high-quality metal for durability and lasting beauty. Easy Display: Effortlessly mount this piece on your wall to create an instant focal point. Personal Touch: Customize your decor by selecting from various color options. 🌌 Dreamy Ambiance: Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or any intimate space where dreams are shared and cherished. Let this piece be a testament to your special bond. 📏 Dimensions you : 13.8”x5.9” / 35×15 cm are : 9.8”x2.8” / 25×7 cm my : 11”x5.5” / 28×14 cm dream : 18.9”x5.1” / 48×13 cm 🎨 Colour: Black, Gold, White We can produce specially for you in other colors. Please contact us for your color requests. ⬅➡ You may hang to both sides. 💎 1.2mm high-quality lightweight steel. 💎 Electrostatic powder coating. 📦 Delivery with special sturdy packaging. 🏡 Suitable for indoor & outdoor. ☔ High corrosion resistance for moisture and rust. 🌼 No smell and harmful chemicals involved, concerning health-wise. 🎁 Surprise gifts in every order. 🛠️ Hang on the wall You can hang metal art with a 3M double-sided tape bant on the back of the decor. 3M double-sided tape band is included in the package. 📋 All hardware and installation instructions are included for easy installation. Metal wall art is fairly easy to assemble. 🍀 We are a small business. We work with passion to deliver our metal wall arts to you. Your order from us is very precious for us. Thank you for your interest and order. ❔ Please contact us for further information and any questions. ✨ Please contact us for your personalized requests. 💭 Your feedback is important for improving ourselves. 🤝 Our goal is 100% Customer satisfaction. © All designs are copyrighted by MorimoraWallArt. 🌈 To view more MorimoraWallArt models visit our shop;

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